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Mother Earth
A Love Story
Fundraising Event

In his first undertaking, Ansel Pitcairn has successfully written and illustrated an emotionally compelling visual narrative.  Experience through the mind’s eye of the artist his interpretation of ultimate judgement to our world once the Immortal Goddesses call opon the return of the only being  able to deliver the message of imminent doom to her beloved child planet, Mother Earth!

Not nearly as straightforward as it sounds,  Mother Earth soon realizes that her infant world has become a melting pot of pollution and self-destruction in land, sea and outer atmosphere.

Scheduled for release late-October 2017, be sure to come to the opening fund-raising event with all donations aimed towards publishing of ‘Mother Earth’.  Meet the author/illustrator and view original artwork from the graphic novel on display.  Limited edition signed posters for sale.

Send your contact/email info to:, or call: 718-809-5370 for further invitation details.  Questions and answers welcomed at exhibition, and be sure to bring a friend!

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