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The artist‘s colorful and bright illustrations in this book tell the story of Aisha, a young girl making her first trip to the neighborhood hair salon. Learning about Kwanzaa, African Matriarchs and historical events are just a few of her experiences that occur when Miss Ada, the salon owner sits Aisha down and tells her to close her eyes and relax

If you would like to get a copy of AISHA‘S CROWNING GLORY you can order directly from the author, Eloise Prescott @ 1-267-240-5109


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  'Portraits of African-American Heroes'

Stunningly beautiful book consisting of portraits-in pictures and words-of twenty outstanding African-Americans. The individuals range from historical to contemporary figures, such as the dancer Judith Jamison, and represent diverse fields of endeavor, from the law (Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall) to athletics, science, and more. For each individual, there is a three-page biography by the noted author Tonya Bolden and a striking black-and-white portrait that captures not only the subject's likeness but is a work of art in itself. A book to inspire, to teach, or to display, with its large trim size and striking design, it is as handsome as it is important.


Portraits of African-American Heroes recently won second place for Hardcover Young Adult Non-Fiction Jacket Design at the New York Book Show, an annual event highlighting new releases in publishing nationwide.

Judge's Comments: "Nice, clean and classic design. Wonderful illustrations."

"Aisha's Crowning Glory"
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